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Patton SmartNode 4114
Normal Status Lights

Description & Suggested Action
POWERGreen (Solid)When lit indicates power is applied.
UnlitNo power is applied.
VOIP LINKGreen (Solid)When lit, indicates the Gateway is registered on a Gatekeeper, Media Gateway Controller, associated to a remote unit or has an active VoIP connection.
Green (Flashing)Indicates that the unit is attempting or has failed to associate/register.
UnlitIndicates the unit is not configured or registered and has no active VoIP connection.
ENET 0 - LINKGreen (Solid)Ethernet link is up.
Unlit No Ethernet connection.
ENET 0 - 100MGreen (Solid)Lit when 100 Mbps Ethernet is selected.
UnlitWhen less than 100 Mbps or no Ethernet is selected.
ENET 0 - ACTIVITYGreen (Flashing)Flashes when data is received or transmitted from the unit to the LAN.
VOICE PORTS 0/0 - 0/3Green (Solid)Indicates off-hook condition.
Green (Flashing)Flashes to follow ring cadence.
UnlitIndicates on-hook condition.
RUNGreen (Solid)When Lit, indicates normal operation. Flashes once per second during startup

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